Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

My Ideal School Facilities

An Ideal School consists of good teachers, great learnings, attentive for some activities and has great great facilities. So what would be in my ideal school? It would be an independent school without complications, and amazing facilities. The facilities which are including Huge Library consist of blilingual books inside, Laboratory with all the Complete Chemicals and Instruments, An advanced Computer Lab, A Big Dining Room, Great Taste of the Canteen, Tennis Court, Wide Swimming Pool, Fitness Gymnastic, Ice Skating Rink, Soccer Field, Ballroom, and a Multi-Function Hall plus a projector in each of every class, will make the students get tedencies of attending and coming to school every morning. Schools are like the second home for the students, thats why school must really provide all the qualified facilities for them as their parents have paid lots of money. Providing such kind facilities will create the passions of the students for coming to schools. They would have the spirits of writting notes and staying at schools without making any troubles to the teachers, but of course with all the school's rules and regulations.

A school needs to set the facilities and the quantitative way of teaching to attract all the parents to send their kids to that school. By setting the ways of good teaching method and added some of the great facilities, all of the parents must be confidence to send their kids to certain schools. If there is no any facilities provided, parents will tend to just ignore about that school and search for the other better school which provided more complete and qualitative facilities. As any of the headmaster in any school, they must realize that facilities also played an important role of making the school into a good name. The students must not only complete their course with high scores, but they must also feel satisfaction about the school.

In order to build an ideal facilities, the school management need to provide big expenses too. First, we need to taken care of that facilities. Do not spoil it although it is our rights to make use of it, but still it takes alot of effort to buy and make those ideal facilities. Moreover, school must hire at least one person to take care about those facilities. Secondly, the students themselves must often make us of that facilities, or else there will be no use of providing the ideal school. Lastly, each of every facilities shall provide at least one positive thing to the students. For example like Library, they must provide as many knowledge books as possible to expand more knowledge to the students.

The school facilities also includes their physical environment, for example, air conditioner, the schools nice and homie building and etc. It has been firmly established that people are influenced and affected by their environment. Children exposed to the environmental conditions in school facilities are no exception. Deferred maintenance can create an environment of peeling paint, crumbling plaster, non functioning toilets, poor lighting, inadequate ventilation, and inoperative heating and cooling systems. This, of course, affects both the health and the morale of staff, and the academic achievement of the students.

Not only the bad environment that will effect the students, the non physical condition will also effect the students academic achievement. The high facilities can also effect those students whose mind are more into sport rather than the studies given in class. Maybe some of these facilities might cause the more enthusiast students to be more encourage in their academic achievement. for example, the students provided with a Laboratory with all the Complete Chemicals and Instruments will have more encouragement to create or find something new and those students provided with full gym gears will maybe able to achieve records.

However these facilities also have their disadvantages such as students who are more interested in sports might lost interest in the studies and those who are interested in studies won't do the same for their physical education grades. Although on the positive side many students are also trying to achieve both.

These facilities given to the students will make the parents felt satisfied and safe about their children future, it will help them to frame themselves to be a good citizen and maybe one fay even be an important role for our country.